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figure on the right is me and vicky is on the left. but we look at ourselves as like the base camp for the kids or people participating in our program. and so our job is to remove barriers so they can participate in our program. f joe i didn't say going out on one of our programs and we'll be there to do the assessment get them all already and provided them that the equipment to go off on his adventure. he can climb up one of the maintains we're also there and if he finished his adventure and his ready for another one. we try to get the parents to know they can follow them with recreation and park. this next imagine is illustrating with the proper support this won't happen this is a slide of somebody climbing up a maintain he didn't have the right support and he's falling off the mountain. we're also who i contact if you need accomodations. this next slide the vertical we have on our website about requesting accommodates. this is a recreation and parks everybody plays the department welcomes people of all abilities to enjoy argue facilities and to participate in the classes. if you
her. >> look what you get. >> reporter: morning is vicki sims whitney's favorite time of day. >> hi, sweetie. >> reporter: because morning is when she checks in with her friends. >> hi, cocoa. hey, charlie. >> reporter: cocoa and charlie are two of 20 horses vicki cares for on some borrowed pastureland in santa rosa. >> some of them are pranksters and jokers. >> reporter: each she says is special in its own way but all of them have come to her from dire circumstances. vicki started sadie's haven a horse rescue and sanctuary four years ago. she named it after the first she saved, a mare, lame from overbreeding. >> little old . >>reporter: with the help of volunteers, vicki raises money to cover the $2,500 a month it takes for food, medicine and farrier, often filling in the gaps with her own funds. finding space for her growing herd has been a challenge. >> horses are supposed to be like our wild horses, supposed to have access to freedom of a pasture and not be in a stall all the time. >> reporter: so when vicki starteworking at brighthaven, a sanctuary for smaller creatures, owner
didn't hesitate when she found horses in trouble. >> morning is vicki's favorite time of day. morning is when she checks in with her friends. >> hi. >> coco and charlie are two of 20 horses vicki cares for on borrowed pastureland in santa rosa. >> some of them are jokeers. >> each she said is special in its own way. all of them have come to her from dire circumstances. vicki started sadies haven 4 years ago. she named it after the first horse she saved. with the help of volunteers vicki raising money to cover the $2,500 a month it takes for food, medicine. often fills in the gaps with her own funds. finding space has been a challenge. >> horses are suppose to have access to the freedom of a pasture and not be in a stall all the time. >> when vicki started working at bright haven, a sanctuary for smaller creaturers, the owner offered her pastureland. >> she's been born with the gift of passion and compassion. vicki is helping horses and other animals that other wise would be discarded. >> vicki gets her horses from a variety of horses. there's some like moca who was beaten severely a
. it is called style, people. i am here with a first time guest, professor vicky ziegler. don't know a lot of vickys, so i am glad to know you. and if lil lair tee was a bowl of trail mix, it is comedian joe devito. and in russia he is considered a meat pie, bill schulz. and if musical genius was a check i would blow him on a ski trip with friends. next to me, musician and record producer andrew w kay. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. be ready to be informed and entertained, america. >> his exdidn't give a -- an f. the boston bomber was a bad boyfriend. the ex-girlfriend of tamerlan said when she heard he was killed she, quote, didn't cry. in an interview with "the sun" , not the thing that gives us light and heat, they revealed that she ended her three-year relationship with the older brother represented here as usual by a drawing of dog poop. he physically assaulted her foregoing to a pool party wearing cutoff jeans and a crop top, what joe wears after the show. she called the sudden transformation, quote, one minute he is a normal guy who likes boxing and having fun. and th
. >> reporter: morning is vicki sims whitney's favorite time of day. >> hi, sweetie. >> reporter: because morning is when she checks in with her friends. >> hi, cocoa. hey, charlie. >> reporter: cocoa and charlie are two of 20 horses vicki cares for on some borrowed pastureland in santa rosa. >> some of them are pranksters and jokers. >> reporter: each she says is special in its own way but all of them have come to her from dire circumstances. vicki started sadie's haven a horse rescue and sanctuary four years. she named it after the first horse she seemed, a mare -- she saved, a mare lame from overbreeding. she covers $2,500 a month for food, medicine and farriers often filling in the gaps for her own funds. finding space for her growing herd has been a challenge. >> horses are supposed to be like our wild horses, supposed to have access to freedom of a pasture and not be in a stall all the time. >> reporter: so when vicki started working at bright haven, a sanctuary for smaller creatures, owner gale pope offered her the adjacent land for her project. >> vicki is compassionate, helping h
a formal investigation into a financial conflict of interest by a top staffer at a state agency. vicky nguyen has the details. >> reporter: the dtsc is in charge of protecting us from polluters but when we looked at financial interest forms by top leaders some held stock in companies that the dtsc is supposed to regulate. >> it's important that our public officials are working on behalf of the public. >> reporter: gary runs an independent state watchdog group. >> it's our job that campaign and governmental ethics are followed. >> reporter: he says the commission is investigating the deputy director after the investigative unit revealed she held stock in several businesses regulated by the dtsc. last year a pipe burst at a refinery in richmond sending thousands to the hospital. >> i believe in and it hurts. >> reporter: the dtsc never issued any fines after the fire. the agency said it didn't have the authority to do so. but we found during that time, the director held stock in chevron up to $100,000 and she held shares for at least seven years. >> i wonder if that is not a reason that
'm vicky. >> now i can see our slides. so what we offer are both specialize programs that's through our project insight program and inclusion services. we offer both and we feel that our job is to make sure that everybody has access to our recreation in san francisco. and we also believe that people need a choice. >> and the way we do our inclusion we use best practices important inclusion of recreation and that includes the c ct r s when which is a. so we work together and what the responsibility is i'll do an assessment with the children on disabilities and that is how they communicate what citizenry issues they may have any kind of issues in terms of behavior management and i'll develop a support plan with working with the parents and develop the strategy and work with the
're moving into a new season. >> and so good. >> yes. >> how about vickie? >> vickie? >> vickie likes denim, vickie was all about the denim trend. denim on denims back. she looks good, but she looks so good when you make it darker denim. >> a little bit of contrast can go a long way. it's exciting. >> it makes her look thinner, too. >> it's all about elongating your frame. >> what about kathy from pennsylvania? >> kathy from pennsylvania was adorable. she is petite, but a lot of personality there. so i wanted to hem her dress, it's a very flattering wrap dress, which is good. but it's so good when you really hem it -- >> it would look good with boots. >> it can, but i do think the knee is a universally flattering length to make you look a little taller. using the orange bag with the orange shoe is a color pop that makes you visually look up and down. >> so good. >> i've been wondering about melissa. >> all my life i have been. >> melissa is asking about neons saying how can i make last season's neon work. a couple things, she took a picture in her office, i think a neutral with a neon makes
. vicky nguyen went undercover to expose this. >> reporter: some say they didn't know they were breaking the law. others admit they wanted quick cash. tonight, we take you on a sting to show how state wardens are enforcing the law. and look how many of the parts are on sale in the bay area. from deer, elk and wild boar and beyond. craigslist shows ads offering a menagerie of animal trophies. and they're not cheap. it's illegal to sell any of these here because they're big game animals in california. >> you're not a cop or anything? >> no. >> reporter: it didn't stop these sellers from trying to score a deal. we randomly chose two sellers on craigslist. called them and both agreed to meet to show us these deer mounts. >> you've sold others? >> yeah. >> reporter: they don't know they're being recorded. and when asked if they knew what they were doing was against the law -- >> did you know it's actually illegal to sell them? >> really? >> i've been told that, too. but i own it. >> people who are buying or selling off the internet are trying to create profit. >> reporter: lieutenant john nor
planes used between islands. but samoa air is the first to charge by weight. i'm vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: it certainly was a nice day out there today. and it definitely cooler along the coast. stubborn to clear it did not clear all day with temperatures in the 50s all day along the coast. compare that, to the inland valleys were it was in the '70s. and as we take a look outside from the golden gate bridge. slightly reduced visibility. half moon bay is under 2 mi. but notice errol's is falling. if the fog is just along the coast but it will be coming into the bay shore and the inland valley, overnight. temperatures remain my with the exception of the an immediate coast 60s through redwood city. the satellite showing low clouds near the coast. the high clouds will be moving in courtesy of this system. the rainfall will begin with fog overnight. clouds and the rainfall will come in early thursday. and we will time it out on futurecast, coming up. >> pam: researchers at u-c santa cruz have trained a sea lion. to keep the beat to music. ♪ "earth, wind & fire", boogie won
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students back home feel pretty lucky to have her. i'm vicki liviakis - kron 4 news. >> pam: for the 7th consecutive spring, a pair of falcons have returned to their nest. high atop city hall in san jose. san jose city hall is among the highest points in downtown san jose. the peregrine falcons are nesting on a 17th floor of this is video from the 24-7 above the nesting box. : for the seventh consecutive spring now let's return to their nest. they're nesting on the 17th floor of the building. the video from the 247 city hall falcon with camp. that is clara, busy feeding her three agree chicks >> that will stand the nest for several weeks as their parents teach them how to hunt and survive on their own. and some time at the end of summer or early fall, the world tick off the body territory of their own. >> pam:early tuesday, a u-c santa cruz wildlife biologist repelled down to the nest, identified the chicks as three healthy males and then placed tiny identification bands on them to keep track of the rare predators. count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn
is recovering from boston marathon bombings. i'm vicki iliviakis, kron 4 news. >> pam: surveillance cameras played a critical role in identifying the suspects in the boston marathon bombing case. now here at home, kron four's terisa estacio reports, how some local officials want to zero and make better use of cameras as crime fighting tools. take a look. here on market street this is just one of many cameras lining this major artery through downtown san francisco. san francisco police chief greg suhr wants to be able to tap into the network of cameras especially during big events. >> i'm not talking about monitoring them full-time adoring major even as we have thousands and thousands of people. we live >> and a post scsi and c.s. world of television the one dna everything we can do i do not think there is a person in this country who did not watch on video as the story unfolds. coming up on kron4 news at to help quickly track down the suspects. i would ask everyone to bring in their self fan cameras. >> pam: most of the deal camass bleat belonged to private this is market street which has a
fan of the week. >> sara has the lucky winner. and it is -- >> i sure do. it is vickie kephart from kansas city, missouri, who watches on kshb on channel 41. she's a full-time nanny, so nap time means kathie lee and hoda time. according to vickie, tgif stands for thank god it's fourth hour. she's not only a loyal viewer but a true show ambassador, she's always talking about the show to friends and family and even strangers. her facebook wall is full of posts of her favorite "today show" segments, like ambush makeovers. big congratulations to vickie. and in celebration of earth weekend, nbc universal, we are sending you on a very green trip to greensboro, north carolina. >> it's gorgeous there. >> especially this time of year. >> you and a guest will enjoy a twonight stay at the platinum-certified hotel in the u.s., the proximity hotel. it has a elevator tha generates electricity, 100 solar panels that heat the water and a restaurant with views of a nature preserve. it includes lunch and dinner, bike rentals, round-trip airfare for two, provided by the proximity hotel in greensboro,
of six-year-old jesse lewis, one of the students who was hiding in vicki soto's school. it must have been very difficult for you all this week, in light of this other story that was unfolding in boston. you must just-- your emotioning must have been almost out of control after what you'd been through even before this. >> it was unbelievable that we were talking to senators and their staff, and then we get news of this while talking to a senator staff member. and just freaking out like, our country's really doing this. people are still, like, so evil. >> schieffer: erica, what was your reaction to the events of this week? >> honestly tfelt like i was reliving the worst day of my entire life over again, thinking about the pain that all of the boston victims' families are going through, and will continue to go through. it was all too familiar of a feeling. >> schieffer: neil? >> it was a shock when i heard what happened in boston. what went through my mind was all of what we lived through at sandy hook on december 14. and i can just imagine it was the same as what it was at sandy hook with t
rewards. vicki liviakis is here to tell us how-- starting today-- you can be rewarded for watching t-v. >> starting on monday, at 8:00 a.m. or 8:00 p.m. you can redeem points and exclusive kron 4 items it is kind of like frequent- flier miles. just for watching us. kron 4 news at 8:00 a.m. will feature a word on the day. beginning at 8 a.m. or 8:00 p.m. but first, you have to sign up. and click on rewards registration it's very simple. you can even use facebook to sign up. you can earn points right now with by answering trivia questions and it's free to join. upon entering, you will b automatically entered for a high- definition television, home surveillance system or a rocker gaming chair. remember, this all starts on monday at 8:00 a.m. and at 8:00 p.m.with kron 4 rewards. ♪ the >> pam: the cal women's team coming up in the a's home opener at the giants and dodgers coming up, next. . [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march mad
soto lost her big sister, vicki, a first grade teacher. >> need senators to be on board. if they saw their child be murdered this way, they would feel very differently. >> the families will be here through thursday, one of their first stops was a meeting with democratic senators from their home state of connecticut. >> people said that connecticut couldn't pass the strongest gun violence law in the nation. but when the sandy hook families came to the state capital, things changed. >> it is shaping up to be a tougher battle here on capitol hill. senate majority leader plans to vote thursday on a gun bill that would include expanded background checks. more than a dozen republicans have already said they will block a vote on any gun control legislation. including idaho senator, james rish. >> americans have the right to bare arms, just as stated in the constitution and to do it without government surveillance. >> the national rifle association has also sent out a special alert, asking members to contact their senators and urge them to oppose gun legislation. jillian soto wants to see
will hit the market. i'm vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> pam: san francisco's exploratorium is set to re- open in its brand new location next wednesday. the childrens' science museum was located at the palace of fine arts for 43 years. when it opens at pier 15 next week, it will have 150 new exhibits, an all- glass observatory. and a waterfront view of the san francisco bay. tickets will cost $25 for adults. and $19 for kids, students and seniors. children under age five get in for free. >> a big night for the bay area sports. the giants, the a's, the warriors, the sharks. gary radnich is coming up. >> pam: kron 4 news is rolling out a new program called kron rewards. for the entire month of april, watch kron 4 news at eight in the morning or eight at night. and you can earn valuable points which you can redeem for prizes, cash cards or exclusive kron 4 items. we'll show you a word of the day during those times, you then enter that word on kron 4 rewards and start earning points. go to kron and click on rewards. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before
appreciate your time. thank you. >> hi, my name is vicki and i am a parent of a second grader at lake shore. i am a single mother so honestly, i didn't pay much attention to what was going on at the school. all i knew was that lindsey was a great principal whenever i had an issue which wasn't often, she always responded effectively. when there was a problem with my son called me right away. we worked it out. it seemed like a very civilized process and it was ongoing. so that instance alone showed me that miss keener not only cared, but that she worked closely with the teachers who were willing to work with her. so i would like to move the discussion forward. i do echo david's view that i don't really know what the district was thinking when they just blindly -- i don't know what happened. whether they put the heat on her and asked her to resign or what happened, but it's caused a lot of pain in our community. many people, parents and kids are suffering. we try to keep it from the kids, but the kids pick up on it. they know what's going on. so i just have said here, suggestions for
on investigations. >> if you have a tip for vicki or anyone, give us a call. >> a middle school teacher under investigation for allegedly hitting a student in class. the video shows the teacher hitting at least one student. the principal said he can't share the specific details. in a statement he told us quote the teacher is on administrative leave, as we investigate, and take all necessary steps to ensure the students have a safe learning environment. that incident happened just before spring break. >> new video tonight, a frightening armed robbery, two men caught on tape terrorizing employees at big box stores, holding the guns to their heads and firing weapons in the score. hoping you can identify one of the robbers in the video. >> reporter: they were in this store inside one minute, in that short amount of time, one put a gun to the clerk's head and fired a shot into the ceiling. take a good look at this surveillance video. >> large builds, they will stand out. >> reporter: police are anxious to arrest these robbers. he holds a gun to the grosher's head, on east 14th. the gunman fires in
was the sister of murdered teacher vicki soto. >> the emotion was bittersweet because it's shocking that we even have to have this discussion. >> president obama phoned some of the newtown families with congratulations while speaker john boehner's opposition represents the hurdle in the house of representatives. >>> the plan to arm its cops with tasers, police chief says the restrictions suggested by the public would have done more harm than good. they wanted to arm 5% of its force and that officers should have a less lethal option as a weapon. san francisco, it turns out, is one of the last major cities that doesn't arm its police force with stun guns. they rejected two proposals in the last three years over concern of the medical risk for people who get hit. >>> the search is on for carjacking suspects who led san francisco police on a chase that ended in a watery mess. this stolen car hit a muni bus and then hit a hydrant. the car was stolen from modesto. >>> gasoline prices expected to drop to a three-year low this summer. california drivers will likely see a steady decline, maybe as low as
with disabilities. lucas and vickie inclusion coordinator. public comment is welcome. >> 9. recreation item capital improvement status and accessibility updates. presentation by paulina. project manager and physical access a d.a. coordinator from the san francisco recreation and parks department. public comment is welcome. >> 10. report from the physical access committee. >> 11 report from the disaster preparedness committee. >> 12, s fm t a multi-motile. >> 13. public comment. >> items not on today's agenda. each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. >> 14, information item correspondence. >> 15, agenda item. 16, adjourned. >> excuse me. roll an wong will read the introductions. bear with me. please read the introductions. >> okay. good afternoon and welcome to the mayor's disability council this friday april 19th in room 400 of san francisco city hall. our meetings are fully accessible. please note that city hall is accessible to persons using wheelchair and other assistive mobility devices. wheel chair access is provided at the grove van ness and mccall. wheelchair access at the polk street, entranc
vicky nguyen is here with the details. >> last night we told you the state's ethic commission has opened a formal investigation into odette based on our complaints. these letters were e-mails asking him to fire her for investing in companies the department regulates. >> it is really important that our public officials are working only on behalf of the public and not their own interests. >> reporter: gary runs the enforcement commission. >> it is our job to make sure that campaigning governmental ethics are follows. >> reporter: he says the commission is investigating deputy director after the investigative unit revealed she held stock in several businesses regulated. last august the pipe burst at the chevron refinery sending thousands to the hospital complaining of lung and eye irritation. >> i am breathing in. it hurts to breathe out. >> reporter: the agency said it didn't have the authority to issue fines after the disaster. we found during that time she held stock in chevron in amounts up to $100,000. >>> i wonder whether oefr not that is not a reason that this department has not been
with a family of one of the hero teachers who sadly lost her life. i have one of vicki's sisters with me, carlee soto, right now, who already is very moved, i think, by what you have been saying. obviously bringing back a lot of powerful memories. but the fact that the senate is prepared to admit he is changing his mind is extremely significantly right now in this debate. when you watch that interview, as i did, with the soto family, what was it about that that particularly struck you? >> well, just how broken these families were and how devastated they were by this tragedy. and i think in so many ways, the whole country had the same reaction that i had. and i think we have to ask ourselves, if you're an elected official that has a vote, you've got to decide how will you use that vote when it comes in front of you. and i -- i think in some ways, it's good -- it's very positive that we've got a bipartisan agreement on a background check bill. that's good news. but it's not enough. the test here is not what the deal is in washington or whether democrats or republicans come together. that's importa
't remember, harvey or vicky, or i said, let's just, in rehearsal, let's just do it straight, without the accents and without trying to be broad. it was heavy. there wasn't one laugh. >> mike: oh. >> because we were very serious with it. and then, we added those accents and talked like this and just got funny. >> mike: well, some of the funniest moments i think in the entire series with tim conway, you or vicky would get harvey korman, he couldn't finish the scene and laughing with the audience. >> harvey was upset with himself because he was a serious comedic actor. (laughter) it got to be when there was a tim-harvey sketch. all tim would have to do at the beginning was to look at harvey and go-- and harvey would be gone. and-- give him a look and he would be gone. >> mike: the remarkable thing about this incredible career that you had in the 11 years of the carol burnett show, you were also raising a family, you had three daughters. i can't imagine balancing, between with growing, you know, children and --. >> well, we had our show on a school schedule. and the only time i worked in
one back to washington last night with the president. vicky soto was among the six teachers and administrators killed. her sister jillian gave the president a bag with t-shirts reading, team vicky soto. she spoke with rachel maddow last night. >> my sister died and i am coming to washington to fight for change in her name and the other 25 victims of sandy hook. a lot of people have forgotten all the things that we are going through, and, yes, it's been almost four months but it is still very new to us. it's still something we live with every day. and it's a pain that will never go away from us and it's nice to have people rally with us but there are so many people that are still against us that we need to reach out to. >> you see what the goal is here. it's to rekindle the emotional spark that connected newtown with, frankly, all of america in december. the president renewed his plea for gun control at the university of hartford yesterday. >> newtown, we want you to know that we're here with you. we will not walk away from the promises we've made. we are as determined as eve
. her sister, vicki, was a first grade teacher who was killed at sandy hook elementary. jillian was in hartford today for the president's speech. she was among the family members who flew to d.c. with the president and she joins us from washington where she very recently just got off air force one. jillian, thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> so i know it's hard to hear people talk about this, even though -- still today and the people who you've been doing all this work with. let me ask you what it means to you to have been with the president today, to be traveling with the president today, to be part of this effort that you're in today in washington? >> it was a great feeling to be with him today on air force one and even in hartford today at the university and to have him support such an amazing cause and stand with us and remind everyone we're not going to forget what happened in newtown. we are going to continue to fight for change and demand something finally be done, that no one else has to feel this. so it was a good feeling to have
checks. i'll talk to the sister of a sandy hook teacher, vicki soto. ♪ [ male announcer ] it was designed to escape the ordinary. it feels like it can escape gravity. ♪ the 2013 c-class coupe. ♪ starting at $37,800. ♪ >>> today on capitol hill, a stunning and crushing defeat on gun control. the senate rejected a bill to expand background checks. verdict down seven amendments, including a ban on assault weapons, high-capacity magazines. in fact, just about everything. it's a huge victory for the nra and the bitter defeat for president obama. today angry, lashed out at lawmakers. >> i've heard some say that blocking this step would be a victory. my question is, a victory for who? a victory for what? all that happened today was the preservation of the loophole that let's dangerous criminals buy guns without a background check. that didn't make our kids safer. victory for not doing something that 90% of americans, 80% of republicans, the vast majority of your constituents wanted to get done? it begs the question, who are we here to represent? >> today's senate vote com
space. and google unveiled an atm app for google wallet that deliver cash i'm vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: showers continuing. i will have details coming up. [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. go. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is! [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] earn points with the citi thankyou card and redeem them for just about anything. visit to apply. >> now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. a sure sign of spring. baseball is back in the bay area. the season home opener for the oakland a's going on right now. kron four's j.r. stone is live tonight at the game. with all the excited baseball fans. j.r. this man strikes through a walmart, and the san jose. also, the violence in san francisco. police are not ruling out any possibilities. a sure sign of spring. baseball is bac
that raised the federal debt ceiling. i'm vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. >> jobs at companies like facebook and google come with fringe benefits like meals and yoga classes. but as erin mcpike reports, uncle sam could be looking for his share soon >> reporter: the cushy life out in the expansive offices of silicon valley. >> "i love massages. i'm a spa queen." >> reporter: it comes with lots of bonuses - but not all of them are cash. >> "we have yoga. we have pilates." >> "the food here by the way is great." >> reporter: but free lunch? you know >> "there is any type of amazing cuisine, even better than some of the restaurants in new york." >> reporter: are in fierce competition to attract top talent. shy about publicizing their perks. as the april 15 tax deadline nears, the wall street journal reports there's a debate looming about whether all those freebies ought to be taxable. the irs has stringent guidelines on what employers can feed their employees. and the test of whether those meals count as income. convenience. if you work on an oil rig, you can't exactly run out for the burger. s
:00, vicky nguyen shows us how this affected a bay area family and helps you make sure you don't miss important information about background checks for your child care. >>> well, a scary moment for a train conductor in southern california. the puppy he saw tied up to the track and why its owner will not face any punishment. >>> plus tens of thousands of people converging on washington, d.c. today rallying for immigration reform. among them a group of bay area students. >>> some of california's most powerful are making deals in china and in texas today. we'll bring you the very latest coming up in business news. >>> and i'm not the only one headed to the giants game. here is a look at the back-up at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm sure some of these people are on their way to at&t park. first pitch 12:45 against the rockies. >> good thing you drive fast. >> jon, are you coming? [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this
is a staple in cafes. diners and restaurants across the country. kron 4's vicki livikias has a look at some of the bay area's best grilled cheese sandwiches . in this latest installment of dine and dish. >> grilled cheese. cheese sandwich. maybe it is part of your childhood? >> it is comforting. >> the combination of cheese & read it is like a marriage. >> oh my gosh! >> it will change your life. >> this is even at an oyster bar at the three building. he admits that the grilled cheese sandwich is a showstopper. >> 100 every day. >> also, the call girl creamery with a selection that he likes to change every couple of days. >> we like to get creative this is a chapultepec pesto. and many people add a virtual chipolte with toasted and that other essentials ingredient. >> love. and the hog island and cowgirl creamery and go to dine and disah.... >> pam: tonight. the national association of hispanic journalists and kron 4 is celebrating ysabel duron. she is retiring after 42 years in television news. she has been a weekend anchor at kron 4 since 1992. there was a special reception
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